Messiah Messenger – October 2014

When asked by his inquisitor, “Are you the only one that knows anything? Except for you is all the church in error?” Martin Luther replied, “I answer that God once spoke through the mouth of an ass. I will tell you straight what I think. I am a Christian theologian; and I am bound not only to assert, but to defend the truth with my blood and my death.” 

This month, we celebrate the 497th anniversary of the start of the Reformation. Luther stood boldly on faith, for he trusted in the promises of Christ to save him – even from the sting of death. We might not all be called to risk martyrdom, but we are invited to live as Christ’s saints together – to experience abundant life.

Imagine your many possibilities to do so as offered this month at Messiah: helping with the ministry of hospitality at CreationFest, participating in special worship opportunities, caring for those with intellectual disabilities through Over the Edge, new online and small group Christian formation opportunities, and much more. Check out this month’s Messenger, and discern how you can stand more firmly in faith with your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Our shared ministry is a success because of both God’s grace and your active support.

Messenger – October 2014

pet blessing
Annual Pet Blessing: October 4th at 12:30 pm as part of CreationFest


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