Messiah Messenger – March 2015

“Lent, Palm Sunday, and Holy Week shall be retained, not to force anyone to fast, but to preserve the Passion history and the Gospels appointed for that season.” – Martin Luther

As the Reformation came into full swing, people began to wonder what traditions should be kept and what should be swept aside. Martin Luther argued that the disciplines of Lent, Palm Sunday, and Holy Week were important. They help us remember Christ’s sacrifice, and we experience the Good News more concretely in our lives. It serves to help our faith become more personal; for Jesus did all these things we remember to save us.

Messiah Lutheran offers you many opportunities to enrich your Lent, Palm Sunday, and Holy Week. Consider attending our Wednesday night soup supper & program, “Priesthood of All Believers.” We consider how each of us no matter our vocation or age is called to ministry – Christ’s ministry. We have a wonderful three part on-line class, “Making Sense of the Cross.” (If you didn’t get the 3 emails with the links, contact Pastor Lou. The class is free.) Our first communion class will begin on March 8th. Our popular, growing Fish Fry (& Bake) returns on March 27th. Holy week has special worship opportunities for each day, including an all new Good Friday program. All the details and more can be found in our below newsletter.

Save the date: Easter with our tasty pancake breakfast provided by MOM (Men of Messiah) and Easter Egg Hunt will be celebrated on April 5th. Men can volunteer to help with the breakfast by contacting Bill Weaver or notify our office.

Access our March newsletter here: Messenger – March 2015

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