Messiah Messenger – Dec. 2015/Jan. 2016


Take yourself in hand, examine yourself and see whether you are a Christian!  If you can sing:  The Son, who is proclaimed to be a Lord and Savior, is my Savior; and if you can confirm the message of the angel [“to you is born a savior”] and say yes to it and believe it in your heart, then your heart will be filled with such assurance and joy and confidence, and you will not worry much about even the costliest and best that this world has to offer.
– Martin Luther from his Sermon on the Afternoon of Christmas Day (1530)

We bring you good tidings of great joy! Christmas is almost here, and Messiah is offering lots of wonderful ways to grow in faith, serve and celebrate. Check out this month’s Messenger for all the news and events regarding our Advent and Christmas seasons together. This edition of the Messenger is a double issue for December and January. Download it or read it here: Messenger – Dec. 2015/Jan. 2016

Thanks for your interest in Messiah Lutheran Church and School. We hope you have a blessed, safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas and New Year!

Click below for sounds of the season! 

christmas playlist

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