Messiah Messenger – April 2018

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Memorial acclamations are words of praise, often sung, offered after the institution narrative of the Eucharist. Among the most ancient is “Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again.”

During our Holy Week, we will be recalling the details of Jesus’ suffering and death for our sake. On April 1, Easter, we will celebrate an empty tomb, Jesus’ resurrection. Yet, the celebration isn’t meant to stop there. Empowered by our shared faith, it continues through each moment of our lives, from generation to generation. For Jesus is risen, and through faith, he touches our lives and the lives of others. His life-giving, grace-filled work continues until he comes again.

Together as his church, we embody Christ in the world. We help people look past the empty tomb toward new life. We bring hope to the hopeless. We gather in the assembly to praise and worship the risen Christ, to strengthen one another for the journey ahead, and then go to help prepare the world for his imminent return. We remain confident that Jesus will finish the work he began through the cross long ago.

Come be a part of it all. See where you might fit in to this holy story. Jesus invites you, and so do we! Read our newsletter, then join us in worship, service, and fellowship as you can. Everyone is always welcome. Download our April newsletter here:

Messenger – Apr 2018

And don’t forget to join us for our upcoming young adult Taizé gathering, April 27 & 28! Here’s a sample of one of their chants used in France and throughout the world, Jesus the Lord is Risen:

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