Messiah Messenger – May 2018


Many people claim the rusty spots on dogwood petals are symbolic of the marks of the Crucifixion because they resemble blood or seem to bear four nail holes. Victorians thought pink and dark red Dogwood varieties carried even more love and passion symbolism. As we enter Messiah’s building each spring, you will see this reminder in our many beautiful dogwood blooms.

As we leave, we are asked to remember that we, too, remain beautiful, living witnesses to Christ’s life, death and resurrection. We support one another. We come to worship and share the Lord’s Supper. We seek to love God and neighbor through fellowship and service. More than mere symbols, we have become the body of Christ through our shared faith and baptism. We can experience a springtime for our lives.

Whether you are new to faith, just seeking or have been a life-long believer, we have saved a place for you. Learn about all our news and upcoming activities in our May newsletter:  Messenger – May 2018

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