Messiah Messenger -March 2019


Brother Roger of Taizé called Lent “forty days granted us in which to marvel at a love too great for words.” For this reason, the church designated a special time year after year, now known as Lent, to recall Christ’s journey to the cross. The word Lent is apparently derived from the Old English lencten, which means “lengthen.” It refers to the lengthening of the daylight hours that occurs in the northern hemisphere as spring approaches and symbolically echoes the Easter dawn breaking into our lives.

This year’s observance of Lent begins with Ash Wednesday on March 6 and concludes with Easter forty days later (not counting Sundays). Many Christians give up certain foods or other pleasures as a discipline to help them recall the pain of sin, our need to repent, and Christ’s own sacrifice for us. Others commit to extra scripture studies, worship, or acts of mercy, charity and generosity. This is meant as a grateful response to the love and forgiveness already given us through our faith in Christ. Whatever you choose to do, you are encouraged to celebrate Lent – don’t just get through it. Be intentional and thoughtful in the time you spend with Christ and his family, the church.

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