2021 Joan Barnes Scholarship

**Forms Available For Download At Bottom Of Page**

Your church council is pleased to announce the application process for the 2021 Joan Barnes Memorial Scholarships, which have been funded through the Estate of the late Joan M. Barnes, a member of our congregation. They will be awarded “for the furtherance of post-secondary education of youth of Messiah Lutheran Church.” Those who will enter or are enrolled in post-secondary education, either in an undergraduate college/university program or at a technical school,” may apply. A former educator and life-long Conservative Christian, Joan Banes’ only requirement upon making plans for this scholarship before she passed away was for recipients “to make the most of the educational opportunities that are presented to you.”

Due to some complications in 2020, we changed the format and the scholarships will be for $1000 each year, up to a total of $3000. For each of the applications after the initial 2020 one, our 2021 recipients will need to fill out forms with all of the pertinent information for each year that follows.

This informational page is followed by a two-page application form. You will need to download/print all three pages in order to follow the directions as well as to read the highlighted print about the importance of the material to be placed in the blanks.

For your 2021 application to be considered, we will need to receive it along with your most recent high-school or college/university transcript and a one-typed page personal essay as described on the application itself. All must be placed together in a 9×12 envelope and ARE DUE TO THE CHURCH OFFICE ON OR BEFORE THE ABSOLUTE DEADLINE OF MONDAY, JUNE 21, 2021. (There will be no exceptions). The church address and office hours are listed on the back of the application form.


If you have received or are receiving financial assistance from your school and/or other outside sources including money from a 529 fund, you MUST contact your college Financial Aid Office and ask them to determine if receiving the Barnes Scholarship of $1000 will make you become “over-awarded” *(see below for definition). If this additional $1000 scholarship would cause you to go over the total amount of the scholarship monies offered by the college, any other scholarships, or even monies from a 529 plan combined with the Cost of Attendance, you may decide not to proceed with the 2021 application at this time. However, you may choose to apply in 2022. Please e-mail sallybennett3317@gmail.com with any questions after reading through this page.

If this scholarship does not make you become “over-awarded” then please fill out the following two-page application following the instructions as outlined.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Sally Bennett, Bob Griffin, and Debbie Walker
Messiah Lutheran Church Scholarship Committee

*Over-awarded refers to being given additional monies that cause you to go over the total amount of any school’s scholarship award and other monies (outside scholarships or 529 monies) combined with the “Cost of Attendance” (an estimate of educational expenses used to determine financial aid eligibility based upon full-time attendance for the entire academic year). You cannot go over this projected amount or certain financial assistance will be affected.

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