2022 Joan Barnes Scholarship

**Forms Available For Download At Bottom Of Page**

2022 Joan Barnes Memorial Scholarship Announcement

We are pleased to announce that application information and applications for the Joan Barnes Memorial Scholarship are now available on our church website. Please go to https://messiahmech.com/ and click on the “About” tab. The Application(s) and Application Information for the scholarships will be found on the drop-down menu. There are two two-page applications (one Initial and one Renewal) and one page of information, making a total of five docs in all.

Applications must be received in our office on, or postmarked on or before the absolute deadline of JUNE 1, 2022 with no exceptions. There are applications there for first-time (Initial) applicants and a Renewal Application if you have received a previous scholarship from us.

After re-reading page 1 of the packet, please email Sally Bennett at sallybennett3317@gmail.com if you have any questions about this process.

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