Like our adult members, child and youth members of our faith community are encouraged to participate fully in the congregation as worship leaders (lectors, acolytes, choir members, etc.) and other servant and leadership roles as they feel called. We also seek to enrich the faith lives of youth through Christian formation and special group activities such as:

Messiah Munchkins (Elementary age and younger): Outside of Sunday school, programs and retreats for our younger members continue throughout the year, including offerings by Messiah and All Souls Episcopal, other area congregations and the Virginia Synod. In addition during each Sunday’s worship, Pastor Lou invites all children to join him up front for a brief message about the reading for the day (and some fun). Following the message, they are then invited to participate in Gospel Fun Time, a short activity led by a lay members of our faith community, echoing the lesson through hands on, interactive experiences. The activity is held in a classroom or our fellowship hall. Children return to the sanctuary in time for communion. Children may remain with parents if they prefer.

Fusion Youth Group (Jr/Sr High): Messiah Lutheran and our partner congregation, All Souls Episcopal, seek to cooperate in youth ministry. During the school year, meetings are generally held two Sundays per month at 4:30 pm at All Soul’s Atlee House (9077 Atlee Rd.). Check our bulletin, news letter, and calendar to learn more.

Messiah is also a member of RALY (Richmond Area Lutheran Youth) offering fellowship and servant-learning events throughout the school year.

Messiah youth remains active in the many youth events hosted by the Virginia Synod including the National Youth Gathering every three years. See the Virginia Synod’s youth page for more details and applications.


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